Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly Scrum readings follow up - CW02-04/2013 (Career development, Stifle innovation, Comraderie, Motivate, Meeting killers)


The past 3 weeks my readings followed the direction career path, innovation and motivation. 

This time you'll find a collection of nice and compact resources about leadership, agile carrer development, Love-Comraderie-Adventure and innovation.

Readings Overview

More detailed information

Lessons learned in agile career development

Sources: Lessons learned in agile career development (Slides by Ionel Condor)

These slides are really a compacted source of knowledge and collected hubs for agile career development. You'll find a huge list of further reading recommendations, collected anti-patterns for learning, recommendations for learning and much more.

Factors for success: Drive & passion, Leadership, Networking, Integrity, Luck & timing, Intellect, Taking risks, Planning

Anti-Patterns: Sheep dip, time constraints, Lack of smart objectives, Lack of coaches and mentors, inadequate learning, inadequate reading, memory/brain bugs, risk vs. benefits.

Love-Comraderie-Adventure ... The spirit of Scrum

Love, Comraderie and Adventure - 3 feelings as key to successful Scrum. 

"...By love, I mean the real but hard and tough affection and respect for people..."

"Comraderie ... I mean helping each other, working together. And I mean a willingness to be honest with each other... "
"...By adventure I mean the willingness to charge into the unknown of innovation..."

Rethinking how to motivate at work



"What a nice talk by Dan Pink on motivation"

Meet the meeting killers

Sources: Meet the meeting killers (Post by Sue Schellenbarger)


"Multitasking at meetings is such a given that unless a leader sets a 'no devices' rule or schedules 'tech breaks', nearly everyone texts or sneaks a peek at email during meetings."

Nine rules for stifling innovation

  • Be suspicious of any new idea from below
  • Invoke history. If a new idea comes up for discussion, find a precedent in a an earlier idea that didn't work, remind everyone of that bad past experience.
  • Keep people really busy
  • In the name of excellence, encourage cut-throat competition
  • Stress predictability above all
  • Confine discussion of strategies and plans to a small circle of trusted advisors
  • Act as though punishing failure motivates success
  • Blame problems on the incompetent people below
  • Never forget that we got to the top because we already know everything there is to know about this business

The key missing ingredient in Leadership Today

Sources: The Key Missing Ingredient In Leadership Today (Post by Denning) 

Great leadership transforms the system

Leadership implies more than success

Leadership is more than being excellent sheep

The enemy is hierarchical bureaucracy

How did you start into 2013?

I'm curious if you already have recommendations for "must reads"?